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Rogue Traders, Cowboy Builders

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Since starting my company i have always pushed to stamp out the Rogues that give you rip off prices & shoddy workmanship. With all the T.V programes on today such as Cowboy Builders & Rogue Traders we love to try to go hand in hand with them to help stop the Rogues,  & look after our clients by being honest & reliable & hardworking @ a competative price with a smile

We as a company love to see our customers happy & we push our selves to go that step further by providing you extra proof that we cannot hide being members of Check-a-Trade Guild of Master Craftsman we love to be vetted & monitored with our customers being hands on with leaving there feed back how & when ever they like,, This gives customers food for thought so if your builder does not comply with what they say you can give your verdict to our monitoring mothers (CheckaTrade & The Guild)  they will then give us the fairy liquid treatment….. ouch… no decent builder wants that over his signs do they… We have absolutely no control over if this is to be put live on there sites ..

Below is a very good statment from Check-a-Trade

Check-a-trade separates rogue trades from the honest and reliable. It stands for accountability and credibility. Rogues will not want to be vetted and will certainly not be willing to be monitored and have the results made public. This is the core of what will separate the honest from the dishonest.
All members undergo a vetting procedure and have to agree to a code of conduct and ethics. All have to agree to give monitoring cards out to their customers to fill in when the work has been completed. This really is putting reputations to the test. The results of the monitoring cards and any recommendations received via any other source will be displayed on a public forum.
Trades and services that have joined Check-a-Trade have made a pledge with their customers (generated from The Trade Register) to:

  1. Be honest giving realistic work start dates & receipt work undertaken.
  2. Keep appointments, call if late or re-scheduling & return ansa messages.
  3. If unable/unwilling to undertake work, redirect back to The Trade Register
  4. Be polite and treat customers’ property with utmost respect.
  5. Never demand full payment before work is fully completed.
  6. Inform them of any minimum charge or call out fees.

Trades and services that have joined The Trade Register have made a pledge with The Trade Register to:

  1. Agree to be vetted, which may include a credit check.
  2. Leave at least 10 monitoring cards with 10 different customers annually.
  3. Not sub-contract work generated from The Trade Register.
  4. Return telephone messages left by The Trade Register promptly.

So as a decent company we work close to make sure we do what we say & keep in our time limits & to our prices… but also customers you should not think that if extra works are to be done or if you change your mind that this should be in the price… all us builders decent one’s anyway will try to bend backwards to either do it as a gesture or even @ cost price the main thing is we work with the customer at all times & work to your requirements to give you your comforts @ home…

Be wise cut out the Rogues & come to the guys that care….

Best Wishes

Karl Luker @ Four Corners Properties LTD