Landscaping for Summer

With the sun starting to shine through and the temperatures rising you can tell summer is well on its way, at Four Corners Properties we feel it is time to start thinking about your garden ideas.

A garden can be a nice way to retreat from the stresses of life especially in the summer when it doesn’t get dark till late and the temperature is a lot warmer. This means having a nice garden can be important. If you have kids it can be a place to let them play and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. We feel it is just as important as having a nice kitchen or bedroom and what better time to do it than just before we reach the summer. Our advice for planning a garden refurbishment depends on a few things. You need to consider what you do or want to use yours for, a few ideas could be:

  • a place to sit in the sun
  • somewhere to eat of an evening
  • to grow vegetables and flowers
  • Or even for children to play and have fun.

We offer lots of services for landscaping and can help you transform your garden so that it looks nicer and you can get more use from it. If you have a shed, washing line or vegetable patch at the end of a garden it always looks nice and is more practical to have a path to get to them, especially on wet days. There are many different designs and styles to choose from but it is best to go with a set style for the garden. This could be anything from a straight path covered of decorative shingle or a curvy path of colour bricks, either way we can help to design and decorate your garden.

One tip we always advise, if you are redesigning the whole garden or just part of the garden your choice of materials can make a big difference. Sticking with one theme is important to make the garden suit by trying to match materials where possible. This could be using gravel, paving stones or even wood that are a similar colour or texture to whatever you used to build your house, or already have in the garden will help it link better creating a nicer flow to the garden. This is applies to patios or terraces as you want everything to match the same as when decorating a room, but the most important thing is that the colour scheme all matches to keep a professional look.

Patios and terraces are nice features to add to a garden as it can be a great place for meals and BBQs. We have known of some customers who even have two in order to catch the sun in the morning and evenings. These can also be a good place to sit in the sun and relax while the kids play. When thinking of a design you might want to think of where your children could play and any toys or equipment they might have for example a sandbox, paddling pool or a swing. These are just but a few of the many ideas we can help with in order to transfer your garden in to a place of tranquillity.

Depending on your budget building decorating walls within your garden can be a nice way to add some creativity and give you a different look. This can be costly depending on materials and is something you need to think of as a permanent build. Other things to consider that we have designed and built for previous customers are things like ponds, hot tubs and saunas. These will cost a bit more but will add a slice of luxury to your property. These are not essential but will certainly make you spend more time in the garden.

This should have got you looking forward to the summer as we know gardens are a key part of British summers. So whether you just want to create something more relaxing or somewhere to have garden parties, we suggest thinking of how to improve your garden to make the most of summer. Get in touch if you want ideas or work as our experienced team of professionals can transform your garden for you.

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