Garden rooms are an economical option for additional living space

Everybody needs an extra space where they could just shut themselves off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and disruption of your primary home. Garden rooms are an extremely versatile and affordable option for a new private home office, additional entertaining space, games room, bar area or simply somewhere where you can be creative or think about your work in peace and tranquillity.


Garden rooms make the perfect play area for children, keeping them out of direct sunlight as they pop in and out of the play house getting toys and having fun inside. It is also a convenient place to store all of their garden toys inside in the Winter months.  For teenagers you could add a snooker table, arcade games, ping pong table or even a TV and console – the perfect getaway and private space to entertain their friends.

When it comes to practicality, wooden garden rooms and summer houses are the perfect solution for entertaining during the Summer months and storage for the Winter months. You need not waste precious floor space inside the house or the attic and basement if you have a wooden house that could accommodate your stuff and look more appealing that a typical garden shed. On top of safekeeping, wooden summer houses could certainly keep your valuables in top condition especially with a regulated indoor temperature.

Garden Rooms are quick to build and fast construction means more monetary savings

Compared to other building structures made from brick, concrete and stone materials, wooden garden rooms are more economical and a lot cheaper. Four Corners Properties are able to carefully plan the construction, supply and fit your new garden room within a few weeks (providing there is no planning permission needed).

As garden rooms are made of natural wood products, they are a great energy saving option. Moreover, wood is a natural insulator and effectively isolates and regulates heat and cold inside the wooden summer houses. Wood also acts as an effective thermal insulator making the house interior warm, peaceful, and cosy, as this material is also an excellent noise absorber.

Property Value Boost

Additional structures within your property location are great boosts to its overall market value. A garden room is one of the selling points of the property, as it improves its function and aesthetic appeal.  It has been proved that properties that have more functional and aesthetically appealing features have a shorter stay on the market list.

Once you have made a decision to have a garden room or summer house the process is very straight forward. Four Corners Properties Ltd are able to advise you on the best use of space, timescales and costs taking into account any other landscaping requirements you may have too.

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