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House Extensions Ferndown

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Many people live in the same house for many years due to the hassle that comes with moving and the increase in house prices meaning it is more financially viable to not move. This leaves home owners with the decision of whether or not to expand there homes. We at Four Corners Properties and been planning, designing and building in the local area of Bournemouth, Poole, Ferndown and surrounding areas of Dorset and Hampshire. We offer the highest quality in all our house extensions and taking on the whole project ourselves to help save you costs.

Money plays a big part with any building work to be carried out, you never want to over spend, but where possible you want to be able to increase your property value in order to make money from the work. This is an area we have helped many of our customers with. We will look to work within your budget to give you the best designs but also to get the most out of your property. With any work we know our customers will want to be able to increase the value so if your ever choose to sell, you will be making more than you spent on the work.

extension1 extension

There can be many reasons for building an extension, anything from maybe having children, wanting guest rooms or to building bigger living areas for example the kitchen or living room. We have dealt with many customers over the years all with different reasons and ideas of what they want, but the one thing they all have in common was the satisfaction of the job we did and the quality of the finished product. At Four Corners Properties we have recently complete many house extensions in Ferndown and are still receiving more requests than we can deal with due to the praise our customers have told people.

We are a local company who pride ourselves in the work we do, which is why it is so important we give the best service available to keep people coming back. We have found over the years once someone uses any of our building services they will always come back and recommend us to their friends, which is why all our reviews are 10/10. We provide the full service from design and planning to building and plastering. This helps to save you cost and means that our friendly and polite workers will be there to talk you through anything you need to know.

steel work extension extension3

We would advise anyone who is thinking of building an extension to consider a few key things first. You should always seek advice about what renovations are popular in your area as if you are looking for a future return the style will have to be up to the same standard. Looking at what other houses in the area sold for and if they had extensions and the size of the houses will give you a good idea of how much it will add to your property value. We can advise you with this if you are unsure. If you are wanting an extension to create space and are not worried about how much value it will add then this won’t really effect you but you still need to be mindful of your budget and what materials to use, you want your house to stand out but still fit in to the area and not look too out of place. With smart and effective planning we know that you can add more value than the amount spent.

The design that you choose for an extension depends on what your house, the surrounding houses in the area and what design you want. Most people are still happy to change the structure of a building and do something a bit more dramatic, but purity is a big trend, and using lots of different materials is less fashionable than it has been. Instead, we advise that you opt for something more refined. This could be something like pure white-rendered extensions work well on period houses, or choose a design clad entirely in timber or modern coloured cladding. Others choose that they something simpler, light and airy spaces which are a blank canvas they can decorate and personalise. The use of natural materials to create modern extensions can give the extension a warm and functional look to suit your home.

We have a huge portfolio of local jobs we have done in the area in all areas of the building trade. Click through and have a look at the fantastic quality of work we have produced and see if you get any ideas for your own projects. Feel free to get in touch for any question of information.


The need for structural design

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Every building has a different design and requires unique attention to detail to make it as desirable as possible. We know this through our years of experience in all areas of the building trade. When looking at structural work it is important to look at a few key areas for example, is the building currently structurally sound and how you could optimise the available space. These are very important as you might not want to have a reduced room size due to a wall, in which case using a supporting beam might make more sense for you if applicable.

This is where a good structural engineer could get the most out of your property and any future work you are planning. This is important for all types of work whether it is a domestic extension, loft conversion or a large commercial development. Our experience of working in many different homes tells us that the original design might not be the best and when planning extensions that we can help give your home a bigger and better feel to it. Our expert eye for attention to detail can transform your home into a new place by opening up rooms with extensions and wall removals.

When looking at any home we always look for what the customer wants, but also what would be the most suitable and cost effective design for what you want. This means thinking outside the box of the usual designs to find a design that suits you and your home while maintaining a strong structure to the requirements of the building. By examining a property and using the latest computer technology, we can provide structural design solutions for all projects whether it is a domestic extension, loft conversion or large residential developments and commercial buildings. We have helped many people in and around Dorset and Hampshire to transform their homes in a way that they would never look back.

What is the need for a structural engineer?

Structural engineers are experts who study a building for strengths and weaknesses to find ways it can either be improved or changed. We have our own structural engineers who work with us and the customer to invent and design plans for houses that we work on. These plans are to ensure a building will safely stand up and be able to function without deflections which may cause structural fatigue, cracks or failure of fixtures and fittings. The design must account for movement and forces caused by temperature fluctuations, loads and cracking. This makes it important to choose the right materials for the job to ensure the loads being placed are within the materials tolerances. Apart from these factors, the designs must also take into consideration the mechanical and engineering services such as lighting, heating, ventilation and electrical fittings to fit proficiently within the building.

These plans can vary greatly between engineers so it is important you use a recommended engineer as you want them to be able to apply a design you want to personalise your home. Another key factor is the initial conceptual structural design work while looking at the feasibility. A fully detailed structural design in compliance with British standards and building regulations is essential with any design. This would also be accompanied by calculations and reports as well as structural calculations for Building Regulation approval and detailed drawings by the structural engineer of all work to be carried out.

All our structural designs are make to comply with the current building regulations and British standards. These designs are always based around suiting you and your house and we consider it our obligation to give you the best design possible. We look at all solutions whether it is an RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist), concrete structural design or full steelwork design we look at all the options to match your design and price. We also provide structural engineering solutions for foundation design, including working with buildings with complex design requirements or difficult ground conditions, as well as retaining walls and other load bearing structures. If you can any queries then get in touch. Below are a few pictures of structural designs we have carried out.

struct3     struct1