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Why to invest in the USA?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

During the recession house prices in America fell by up to 60%. This was an incredible fall and has seen many people already invest due to the fact they knew eventually the markets would turn and they could make huge financial gains. Well this time has now come and the US property market is now on the rise once again. This has meant there are now lots of tenants looking to rent who either do not want to or cannot borrow money to buy. This is a huge reason in why many people in England are buying into properties in America to increase their monthly revenue.

In August 2014 housing sales reached there highest level since early 2007 before the recession which is causing the housing market to rise. Some investors who bought into properties in 2010 and 2011 managed to secure properties for as little as £30,000 and went rented out for a return of 20% for the year. Even now with the value of properties rising, investors can still expect to see an average of 14% a year return after you minus maintenance and other costs. On top of that you also have to include the rise in the value of the house. In Atlanta over the previous 12 months house prices rose on average of 18.6%. This means if you decided to sell after even just a year you would make serious financial gains. A year ago you could buy an entry-level detached three-bedroom house for $65,000. Today it would be $80,000 to $85,000. This is still quite a lot lower than before the peak in 2007 where this type of property was selling for $150,000. Now it does not take a genius to see that as long as prices continue to rise to what they once were you could make a lot of profit on a property, let alone what you make through rent.

This has a lot to do with the repossession of properties during the crisis which made up 60% of the property market. This has now fallen to 25% of the market so it shows a strong increase in the growth of the economy. But this is also showing that there are foreclosed properties available which we can help you with to increase your money. You don’t have to be a landlord with a large landlord as we are here to help you mange your properties and advise in the best investment opportunities for you.

As with any investment there is always risks, but with the current low price of houses and many financial experts predicting the rise in house prices as the American and worldwide economies recover there is a  big opportunity for financial gain. So get in touch if you think this could interest you and we would be happy to help advise you and provide as much information as you require. As we have been investing abroad for many years we know a good opportunity when we see one.