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Building materials – what you need and where to find it

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Which any kind of building project you will always need certain materials for the job. This could be from timber, bricks and blocks to steel lintels. No matter how big or small you will need materials to do it. This is where we would like to offer our years of work in the industry to make sure you know where to get what you want and how to get it.

Traditionally people would go to the big builders merchants who will change what they want as they know people will pay it. But now with the use of the internet customers have a much wider range of choices as well as looking online in the comfort of their own homes to find materials they need for the best prices.

It is always important to remember that you are finding the right materials for the job, as online buying can be risky if you click and buy without checking it is the correct item. For example, if you are buying timber to build a rabbit hutch in the garden then it is essential this timber is treated to help protect it again the weather. Untreated timber will rot quickly if used outside so these minor details could make a big difference to what you need it for. When using timber is it also important that you go for a thickness that meets the demands of a job. The size of timber represents the strength so 8×2 would be stronger than 4×2. A key factor when looking for any product is how much is costs and how quickly it will be delivered. Kikbuild are know for there competitive prices in supplying all sizes and lengths for any job. They also have great customer services who would be happy to guide you towards the right product you and help with any questions or queries you may have. They will do all this while also trying to get you the cheapest price possible. Click on either of the pictures below to look at the timber products they sell and receive 5% discount off list prices.


timber timber2

Bricks and concrete blocks can also be expensive to buy without knowing where to buy them from. This can range from many different things such as building a wall to block paving a path or driveway. What ever is it you need Kikbuild can help. They supply a wide range of bricks and blocks and can advise on which ones would be best for you. You have different strength and weight of concrete blocks depending on what you are building. It is important to know if you need dense or medium dense blocks, 3.5N or 7N and Celon or Themalite. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the right product. They have competitive prices to help you save with your projects, even if you are using a builder, always check how much they are charging you compared to what price you can get them yourself to make sure you are getting the best deals around. Why pay more when you don’t need to.

Block paving is a beautiful way to decorate a path or driveway. There are many different colours and styles to choose from to match the design that you need. By clicking the picture below you can see a few examples but if you don’t see what you want, please phone and someone will be able to help find you the right style and design. These bricks can be expensive if you buy from some of the high street names but Kikbuild offer the same products but at fantastic prices. You might even be surprised at how much you could save by using this recommended supplier. To get an idea of what sort of bricks and blocks you can get please click the pictures below.

block paving pewter multi concrete block block paving brindle

Whenever you are doing any major building work you will always have to look at the structure of the work been carried out and making sure there is enough support to make it last. The worst thing that could happen is you carry out a build and then it collapses causing damage and a waste in time and materials. Structural lintels can be very expensive but we are helping to drive down the prices with high quality low cost Catnic Lintels. All sizes and types are available so no matter what lintel you are after Kikbuild can supply it. These are the lowest prices you will find for Catnic lintels, if you are a builder looking to save costs of have employed a builder for structural work, check out these prices as you could make some big savings. Some lintels are up to 50% off retail prices meaning you could make serious savings.

With a great customer service team willing to help your every need you can phone then anytime to find out information such as what sort of lintel you would need for the job whether is it a cavity lintel, internal or external wall lintel, they can advise what type you would need. They could also offer advise about if you need a standard duty or an extra heavy duty lintel depending on the loads they will support although it is advised you speak with a structural engineer who can also tell you which lintel will meet the requirements of building standards and regulations. It is important to remember that lintels need to meet building regulations to make sure they are strong enough and suitable for the job they are going to be used on. By clicking on any of the pictures below you can see a few of the lintel available and also receiving a 5% discount off list prices.



catniclintel2 Catnic CCS1 catniclintel

For any building supply needs Kikbuild can help you. Contact them on 01309-691203 or email