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Builders Bournemouth here we are again, asking oursleves what to do to help in this recession as customers come to us week in week out.

We have been ever so busy with building, around the Bournemouth area in the last few years. Dropping our prices when we can, so it helps you, and also to give you a product that helps you have your dream home and us to stay in work everyday.

This is another great style extension that we are well underway with. A retired couple came to us after giving up hope of finding a builder that could deliver their needs at a price they could afford. We are also landscaping their whole rear and front gardens of the property, refurbishing the inside with all new floorings, kitchen and decorating, we will be uploading photos in the coming weeks to show some of our skills once more.

Please feel free to enquire about any jobs you would like us to help you with and also come and visit us on site where you can see how we operate, that is a must for all customers to really get to know your builders and the customers they are working for. This job was completed in 13/14 weeks

Feel free to contact us and can talk about your project and budget.


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