Christchurch House - Loft Conversion Plans

Four Corners Properties Ltd are here for all your building needs. Here we have a lovely exampe of a recently completed loft conversion in Christchurch. The customer told us the sort of theme they wanted for the property and we did the rest. This made it very easy and stress free for our customer who could sit back and relax knowing we would do all the work to bring together their visions. 

Once we had drawn up all the plans, we went through them with our customer. We then submitted our plans for approval from the local authorities. Our customers loved the adaptions we were planning on making to the property and before long we had the planning permission and had started the work. 

This is another fine example of a satisfied customer. We always aim to please in all areas from the quality of our work to the friendly faces of our workers.

Please feel free to get in touch for a chat, lets see what your home has to offer.



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