Building an Extension In Bournemouth

What to Consider

With rising house prices in the area more and more people are deciding to stay put with their own property for the time being until the market becomes more stable, with many homeowners choosing to create additional living space in their existing property.  The main advantage of this is to gain extra space without having to move. The cost of building an extension can be significant, there is a certain way to add value to your house and will serve those looking to move away in a few years time just as well as those who are setting up for the long haul.

With most major projects, there’s lots of main factors to take into consideration before any work of an extension can be started. The initial designs to planning applications, neighbours and the project cost, each stage of the process has the potential to cause major disruptions to the project if it is not thought through before the works commence.



A very important factor to keep in mind is the style of your existing property when designing an extension or loft conversion. Try to match the most prominent materials, with things such as the brickwork, roof tiles with those of the existing styled building and use similar materials where possible to ensure a sense of continuity. It is also a good idea to make sure that any new doors and windows line up with existing fixtures. This helps to blend the work into the original build and make it look like one, instead of making it look separate.

Always think about your neighbours

Once the planning application has been processed, your neighbours will be able to check online at the Planning Portal Bournemouth regarding your proposed extension you have designed, so it is a good idea to ensure that the extension will blend in with the other properties on the street. A really big factor is getting your neighbours involved at the initial stages of the design. This can save a lot of upset, time and money later down the road if they do have any objections or concerns you can pan this out together.

Even if you are legally entitled to make changes they can oppose, it could be better to compromise than make potentially life-long enemies which with many cases can happen.  Neighbours will always get upset if you build on the boundary and block out there sun light, we at Four Corners Properties Ltd are here to help you with those key factors to make sure everyone is happy. We always remember that we are working in the community and need to think about keeping everyone happy and on board with any project we carry out.

Architect Bournemouth  

We offer to visit you for a complete peace of mind, one to one personal service on what is and is not feasible with the space at your property. Once we have an idea of what your main objectives are and how you live your life, we will then show our best styles of loft and/or extension build ideas.  Our design team will also be able to provide a vast amount of extension advice, on issues concerning planning permission and any local factors that may influence the modifications that can be made to a property, as well as drawing up detailed specifications.  We offer the design and build factor to make sure your budget is kept to the price, we will alway advice each stage of the project of unforeseen issues. Our aim is to help you not only to have a luxury life but to help with your investment capitalising on growth 

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