House Extensions in Ferndown

We at Four Corners Properties Ltd are finding ourselves completing many house extensions in Ferndown recently. This is down to a few reasons; one is the increasing house prices, meaning you can make a lot of money by expanding and upgrading your current property. Another reason is that a lot of the properties in Ferndown are bungalows with a lot of land around them, meaning there is plenty of space to expand. This could be either expanding the side walls or the front or rear walls, giving more internal space for more and/or bigger rooms.

One of the properties however, had a roof extension and conversion, converting it from a single floor into a deluxe two-floor bungalow. This meant that they could keep lots of space out the front for cars and still have a lovely back garden to enjoy some greenery. The house has been completely redecorated to give it a modern feel and brighten up all the rooms. It is almost like a new house which is exactly what our customer wanted, a complete redesign and fresh new approach to give them the feeling of a new home without the complications of moving. This was the best way to suit this customer needs as they loved the area and their neighbours and were close to everything they needed.

We are a local company who pride ourselves in the work we do, which is why it is so important we give the best service available to keep people coming back. We have found over the years once someone uses any of our building services they will always come back and recommend us to their friends & family, which is why all our reviews are 10/10. We provide the full service from design and planning to building and finishing. This helps to save on cost and means that our friendly and polite workers will be there to talk you through anything you need to know.

The design that you choose for an extension depends on what your house, the surrounding houses in the area and what design you want. Most people are still happy to change the structure of a building and do something a bit more dramatic and using lots of different materials is less fashionable than it has been. Instead, we advise that you opt for something more refined. This could be something like pure white-rendered extensions work well on period houses, or choose a design clad entirely in timber or modern coloured cladding. Another option is something more simple, light and airy spaces which have a blank canvas they can be decorated and personalised. The use of natural materials to create modern extensions can give the extension a warm and functional look to suit your property.

Throughout our projects we work with our customers to ensure all designs and plans we have for the property are on the same lines as what they wanted. We are a building company who always puts our customers first in making sure they get what they want for a price they can afford. We complete all projects under the customers stated budget. Our end results are beautiful properties ready to be lived in.

We have many experience tradesmen who only work to the highest quality. We consider ourselves to be the friendly local building service as we always have 100% respect for all our customers from start to finish, which is why we always come highly recommended from all previous customers. We will help to work within your price range where possible and alway advise in what options you have throughout your build.

Please look through our portfolios and see examples of the great work we have been doing in the area and see if any of our previous designs inspire you. If you are interested in getting any work done and want help, advise or a quote then get in touch and we will be happy to assist you. 


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