House Refurb - Ferndown

This is a home where Four Corners Properties Ltd have pulled out all the stops to show how a modern home should be. This is a refurbished home in Ferndown, Dorset that has been made to look like something special to create one of the best modern homes you will find. The whole house has been redecorated and modernised to give it a whole new look while having a big postivie influence on the property valuation.

The use of energy saving LEDs on the gable end adds excellent mood lighting for one of the double bedrooms and the overlooking garden. These LEDs light up the garden for nice evenings when you want to relax in the garden, have BBQs or just for you to admire the garden in a special lighting. They are also connected all round the kitchen and can be used to change colour and brightness to music to add a real slice of luxary to your life. The use of energy saving technology in this house means that your bills will be significantly reduced as well as helping to be more eco friendly. This property uses the latest technology in air heat sources and solar panels to power the majority of the house meaning you don't need to worry about the price of bills. 

Put this with the redecorating of the outside walls and this house really is impressive. Many of the neighbours in the surrounding area have already commented about how nice this property now looks and you can't blame them when you see coloured fibre cement cladding at the top with matching k-render covering the lower brickwork. Four Corners Properties Ltd are recreating standards by introducing everyone to try new styles and giving the customer exactly what they want when they get a refurbishment in Ferndown. 

All the rooms have plenty of windows to allow lots of light in to really brighten the place up. By looking through the pictures you can see a real transformation of an outdated living enviroment into a property that really has that homely feel. With our experienced professionals from all trades you can see that they have applied that experience in making this property look fashinable and complete. The strong designs of this bungalow will shock anyone that visits as it makes it look like a brand new property, but for a much lower price.

This is a fine example of the amazing work Four Corners Properties Ltd can do when given the chance to express themselves and give a property a luxury feeling. For a very reasonable price this refurbishment in Ferndown has shown all the surrounding neighbours a real thing of beauty to look at and how a quality refurbishment should be done.

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