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We have typically pinpointed Michigan to Invest, as our goal was to provide you with the most elite full-service turn the key investing platform in the country. We have researched vastly over the years, and can say with confidence that we have accomplished exactly that.

This is what we exactly do for you, in that way you can have a perfect investment:

After reviewing and carefully examining 100’s of properties per week, we use our great knowledge from dealing with properties and with being in the construction trade over 23 years, we will only go to work on about 8% of what is on offer. So, what does this do for you as the investor? It allows you to feel comfortable knowing that we will be providing you with exquisitely refurbished homes, increasing rental desirability and decreasing concerns over the long term sustainability of your property.

This is what you will receive when you build your portfolio with Condor Real Estate:

  • full-service real estate investing solutions
  • Let us deal on choosing the correct properties allowing you to leverage our team, our time and our experience
  • easily rent-able homes in the best MICHAGIN zip codes and surrounding areas
  • carefully selected, low repair cost homes to garner larger returns

Section 8 tenanted properties insure your monthly cash-flow.
(Also includes non-section 8 opportunities.)

  • An accessible, professional and experienced property management team from a national company the Real Property Management Metro Detroit 
  • A knowledgeable team of investors to hold your hand through every step of the purchasing and maintaining process
  • You can experience double-digit (10%-12%) returns
  • This is about you being in the right place, at the right time, with the right team

We have years of experience here in the UK but thought to move ourselves to the USA to expand our portfolio at a fraction of the cost and with a much larger return 






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