Poole House - Extension Plans

We at Four Corners Properties Ltd have designed and built another extension in Poole. To start with, the plans show to extend the house on 2 walls to increase the size of the property, which in turn created the space for extra rooms. The walls internally were knocked down and steel supports were put in. This meant we could make rooms where the customer wanted to the size they wanted rather than working to what was aleady there. 

This can be a long process but with some excellent detailed drawn up plans it reduced the time as everyone has a clear vision of what is going on. Before long the house took shape and it now transformed into a very spacious and modern property for the whole family. 

As we are one company who does all the work from the design and planning permission to the build then we can help save you money by not having to hire other companies to help with the project.

Please feel free to enquire to find out how much it might cost you and take a look at a few of our example plans.


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