Poole House - Loft Conversion Plans

Some more expert and professionally designed plans by Four Corners Properties Ltd. These plans helped our customer to transform there loft into an extra floor, with 2 more bedrooms. We also redesign the other 2 floors to make the most of the building, turning them into a block of flats. 

This loft conversion in Poole has had a great increase on our customers income and capital gain due to the increased revenue from renting it as flats but also the money they made on the value of the loft conversion.

These are the sort of win win situations we like to give to our customers by using our many years in the trade to give you the best service possible and create a design for what you want.

Check out the pictures to see our detailed designs and it might give you an idea of some designs for your home.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.


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