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Buying property in Michigan USA,

This is really a great investment opportunity very good rental returns & fantastic capital growth. Great locations around the North East of America also great lakes & great golfing holidays also being very close to the boarder of Canada.

Take some time to read this and then link yourself to our blog for all the up to date investments, the going on's in Michigan the Millions to become Billions being invested by companies in the areas that we are speaking about, we will show you the reasons behind our journey,

Reasons why to Invest in this area of USA and earn between 10/12% these properties have been totally refurbished and already rented to tenants and with a secure management company in place. With these great returns you will also capitalise on the future growth of the rise of the economy to come, these properties where worth $120000 £77000 five years ago, Wayne County has had Billions invested into the area over the last few years, in this area they have the biggest car industry in the USA set up. Also the areas we are investing in are very close to all the great lakes, great for camping golfing and if you like shopping theres is plenty to do. You are only a few hours drive from Chicago and an hours flight from New York, also we are 20minutes drive from Canada by car.  You can get to any destination from Europe to internal as there is the national air centre or international airport

We believe strongly that this area will re-generate in the next 10 years, with global change it is time for Americans to change and realise that driving large vehicles and using big consumption of fuel it is a time of the past, it is just a matter of time they will start to follow Europe with low emission cars and stamp their footprint on pollution.

So as investors we believe there is no better time than now to invest. You can buy foreclosed properties at a fraction of their true price, the money you will invest will be returned within the 10 years of renting and then it is up to you if you wish to keep a steady income or rental or to sell and make a much larger profit than any where in the UK,, In the UK alone you would struggle to make a return of 6% and you would have to put more money in at a much higher risk of a double dip.

So we feel this could be a perfect time for you to buy in on a market that will only get stronger in the very near future, start earning money from day 1

We can also prove that the amount of property investors flying over to the USA to buy these once in a life time foreclosed properties. It is staggering do not be left out in the cold and miss this great investment opportunity. Why risk all your eggs in one basket here in the UK or hold your money in the bank that makes a poor 2/3% per year, we strongly believe that you can build your portfolio with the help of our knowledge and make far superior profits with less stress. Also when you come to sell in the years to come you can potentially make 3 times your money back on the sale plus you would have made your money back from renting.  This really is a win win situation  

USA Investments update 17th November 2013

Following previous information here is the final position. Covered in this note are the following

1. The strategy; ownership/tax
2. Examples of acquisitions – previously sent information
3. Research on the area and the business case.


Having acquired a detached property in Wayne County, Michigan, USA for £12,000 and spent £6,000
refurbishing, it is now rented out yielding 12%+ net. We are now looking to acquire further
properties and inviting investors to help us exploit bulk acquisitions. We have a good team of
property professionals in place to support future acquisitions and ongoing maintenance. We know
which geographical areas to focus on.

We are planning to rent the properties to a mixture of both private and government backed tenants.
Properties have to pass County standards prior to rental and we purchase properties that need
minor works (decor/carpets/kitchens etc) to meet those standards. We’re proposing to carry out
necessary works to ensure they reach this required standard for the rental permit. Rental demand is
high due to lack of credit and this is one of the main reasons for discounts of up to 80% of previous
selling prices (these discounts are disappearing fast). The yields are exceptionally high and market
recovery would deliver potentially strong capital growth.

Wayne County, Michigan

Wayne is in Southern Michigan and has been singled out for significant inward investment as you
can see below.



Appplications for the TURBO program due Dec. 4 (follow link below) 



Although there are several different land banks operating in the State of Michigan, only the Wayne County Land Bank has transformed the revenue derived from the traditional land bank model into an economic incentive for developers who invest in Wayne County.

Wayne County's TURBO Program (Transforming Underdeveloped Residential and Business Opportunities) provides meaningful financial incentives to private property owners who develop or rehabilitate unproductive land within the County. This program, offered exclusively through the Wayne County Land Bank, has only been in operation since 2006. In three years, it has helped spark more than $400 million in new investment in Wayne County and created more than 3,000 new jobs.

Under the TURBO Program, an investor may receive up to:

  • One year tax exemption during the year of construction +
  • 50% reimbursement of an amount equal to the real property taxes for 5 years (i.e., partial reimbursement for improvements made to the property)

This year's deadline to submit TURBO applications is DEC. 4, 2009.

This year's deadline to close is DEC. 16, 2009.

For more information about the TURBO Program, please visit

Acquisition strategy going forward;

Collective acquisitions seem the preferred route with shared risk/reward. A mixture of high
yield/low value or higher value slightly lower yield properties with better growth potential are our

An American based company and bank account is now set up and we are planning to acquire
properties in this company name. Shareholders agreements for all investors will be in place detailing
% holdings, returns and exit options – all will be pro-rata. Exit options will be share sales to fellow
directors or property sales to repay % investment. So for example, if an investor owned 10% of the
company and wanted money re-paid for any reason, shares would be offered to other directors first
and if no sale was forthcoming, a proportion of the portfolio would be sold to repay the investor.

Generally we’ll encourage dividends to be re-invested if suitable investment opportunities arise.
Should any investors require the dividends they would of course be paid. Remaining investors would
acquire future properties in a newco.

Acquisition funds will be held in an ESCROW account prior to completion.

Freehold title will always be purchased and below you’ll see the tax regime.

Taxation generally;

Capital Gain (1) on the sale of property held for more than 12 months would be taxed at 15%. Net
rental income or gain from the sale of property owned less than 12 months would be taxed at
ordinary income tax rates for individual members of a company and at corporate income tax rates
for a traditional corporation. The number of properties won’t impact the rate of income tax but
there is

Real Estate Taxes (2) assessed against each property which is different from the tax on
income (profit) this is like rates in the UK.
For properties we’re considering the annual real estate tax will be from $1,500 to 3,500. This
expense is deductible from income and is factored into our net projections.

Tax base and rates

Corporate "Income" Tax (3) is not a tax on corporate income. It would be more accurate to call it a
corporate "profit" tax. Corporate "taxable income" is that which remains after most business
expenses have been deducted.

For regular income tax purposes, a system of graduated marginal tax rates is applied to "taxable
income." For 2008, the marginal tax rate on a corporation’s taxable income was as follows:

The effect of the marginal rate structure outlined above is to average out the lower marginal rates
applied to the taxable income falling in the lower brackets, producing a flat tax rate of 35 percent on
a corporation’s entire taxable income once the corporation’s taxable income exceeds $18.33 million.


Are these properties free from debts and liens/covenants?

Yes, all properties will have had any liens and debts cleared during our due diligence process.

Why are these levels of discount available?

The answer is public money. The banks can afford to write off mortgages of $70-$100,000 and more
which were typically held on these houses because billions of government money is being poured in
to their economy. In short, the American government is subsidising our investment

What is the impact of rising un-employment?

Job losses throughout America have been an increasing problem but as you can see above
substantial investment is planned For those that earn under the median income or who are
struggling financially, the government has put in place the Section 8 scheme. We are targeting good
locations that are located close to employment centres such as hospitals, the local universities etc
broadening our tenant pool.

Great things to to in Michagin 

Few areas in the world have such a massive amount of quality golf as in northern Michigan.
Please check;



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