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Wayne County, Michigan, USA and other areas of North America are becoming more recognised as an investment opportunity and property prices are on the rise. There was much speculation on what might happen with the property situation in the States and now it is quite clear over the past year what has been happening...

Many investors are now sighting Wayne County as the place that has what it takes to experience a global boom once again.   The natural consequence of all the investment happening there is two things; a rise in employment - that is definite, and a rise in property prices.

In August 2014 housing sales reached there highest level since early 2007 before the recession which is causing the housing market to rise. Some investors who bought into properties in 2010 and 2011 managed to secure properties for as little as £30,000 and went rented out for a return of 20% for the year. Even now with the value of properties rising, investors can still expect to see an average of 14% a year return after you minus maintenance and other costs. On top of that you also have to include the rise in the value of the house.

In Atlanta over the previous 12 months house prices rose on average of 18.6%. This means if you decided to sell after even just a year you would make serious financial gains. A year ago you could buy an entry-level detached three-bedroom house for $65,000. Today it would be $80,000 to $85,000. This is still quite a lot lower than before the peak in 2007 where this type of property was selling for $150,000. Now it does not take a genius to see that as long as prices continue to rise to what they once were you could make a lot of profit on a property, let alone what you make through rent.

This is a once in a life opportunity to become a share-holder in a company that has great knowledge and a great mixed team of enthusiastic professionals that will go the extra mile to see you succeed in your ambition & investment.

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