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Buying Properties in the USA

This is a truly fantastic investment opportunity, exceptional rental returns and astounding capital growth. These are great locations around the North East of the United States where you can enjoy the great lakes, great golfing holidays and they are very close to the boarder of Canada.

Why to Invest?

In this area of the USA you could earn between 10 and 12% annually. These properties have been totally refurbished, they are already rented and with a secure management company in place. With these great returns you will also capitalise on the future growth of the rise of the economy to come. These properties were worth $120,000 / £77,000 6 years ago, Wayne County has had billions invested into the area over the last few years. In this area they have the biggest car industry in the USA. and the areas where we are investing are very close to all the Great Lakes, excellent for camping, golfing and if you like shopping there is plenty to do. You are only a few hours drive from Chicago and an hour flight from New York. We are 20 minutes drive from the Canadian frontier by car. You can get National or International flights to any destination to and from Europe as there is The National Air Centre or International Airport

We very strongly believe that this area will re-generate over the next 10 years as a recession does not last 100 years and with a global attitude change towards Climate Change, the North of the USA will only become more enjoyable. It is time for humanity to change and realise that a big consumption of fuel is a time of the past, it is just a matter of time till they will start to follow Europe with low emission cars and stamp their footprint on pollution. 

So, as investors we believe there is no better time than now to invest. You can buy foreclosed properties at a fraction of their true price and the money you invest with will be returned through renting within 10 years. Then it is your choice whether you wish to keep a steady income every month or to sell and make a much larger profit than is available anywhere else. In the UK alone you would struggle to make a return of 6% and you would have to put much more money in at a much higher risk of a double dip.

We feel this could be a perfect time for you to capitalise and buy now on a market that will only get stronger in the very near future, plus you can start earning money from day one.

We can also prove that there is a good amount of property investors flying over to the USA, to buy this once in a life time opportunity of foreclosed properties. It is staggering! Do not be left out in the cold and miss this great investment opportunity. Why risk all your eggs in one basket here in the UK or hold your money in the bank that makes a poor 2/3% per year, we strongly believe that you can build your portfolio with the help of our knowledge and make far superior profits with less stress. Also, when you are going to sell in years to come, you can potentially make 3 times your money back on the sale, plus you would have made your money back from renting. This really is a win/win situation.

We have written in our blog with lots of information about these great investment opporunities. Get in touch now to find out more or if you are interested in increasing your money now!

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