Ferndown House Extension

This is another fine example of the work Four Corners Properties can carry out when given the freedom to design and create something that will stand out and modernise a property. This property was completely redesigned to a small budget but by looking through the pictures you would not have noticed. We are trying to redefining building when it comes to quality and comfort by giving you the best work for a price you can afford. 

The house has been extended backwards and upwards to give more space to the home while also decorating most of the rooms to give a modern stylish feeling to the place. This property also chose to add a summer house in the garden so the customer could add a separate office from the house. This is all hand built which shows in the detail of the summerhouse. It is structually very strong and well insulated to keep it warm in the winter months but also looks like a home from home with some wonderful use of colour from our decorators.

This is a fine exampe of the work we have been doing in Ferndown, Dorset with regards to quality house extensions and summerhouses. We do find many properties in Ferndown are in need or extensions or refurbishments as most these houses have not been changed in many years. We do understand however that some properties work well with an old fashioned theme but this must match the house and the house might still need ore space.

Our extension to this property in Ferndown meant our customer did not need to move homes and is now happily settled in his redesigned home. He has all the extra space he needed and the rooms were designed to suit his needs. If you are happy with the house you need then we believe house extensions are a great way to improve without the hassle of a move.

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