Loft Conversions Bournemouth

Loft conversions Bournemouth

After completing the roof on this property three years ago, we are went back to concentrate on their loft conversion, seems a little back to front, but this local family like many others could not afford to have the works done all in one go back then. But, now with the recession in the full gloom, we knocked the price down to help them afford this loft conversion consisting of two dormers with cropped pitch roofs, one bedroom and bathroom, with no cutting corners. We have kept to our word to produce this great new extra living arrangment in their home.

This slate roofer Bournemouth structure has been stripped completly back to rafters as the valleys where not up to structural standards, then we installed doubled up structural valleys 225x50 to take the load of the dormers and new internal bedroom layout so we could cut out all rafters.

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