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KIKBUILD Opens Its New On Line Shop

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

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We are very happy to announce that KIKBUILD our sister company is launching an On Line Store! This means that our customers will be able to find excellent furniture, tiles, doors and building materials. This will give our customers a way to decorate their homes with top materials and furniture. In this way, Four Corners Properties can give its customers a much more integral service and the benefit to maybe be elegible for great discounts when they have used Four Corners Properties services to improve your home.

To see all KIKBUILD products please visit their Website:

Benefits of putting up luxury bathrooms

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Building owners and homeowners have to consider the idea of putting up luxury bathroom designs. Although this will be a bit costly than the general design of bathrooms it is the one sure way to increase the value of the estate over time.


The bathroom is one of the most commonly used area in the house, commercial establishments like Shopping Centres and Restaurants can also gain a good reputation and standing with their clients by putting up or investing on luxury bathrooms.

In the past only celebrities and famous people are trying out the idea of a customised bathroom, but more and more people are now employing the help of designers and architects in order to make sure that their bathrooms will look luxurious and elegant.

Luxury Bathrooms are wonderful investments especially to building owners who are renting out the space.

Condominiums that offer luxury bathrooms have a higher chance of attracting well to do clients who are willing to pay an extra amount just to enjoy the comforts of their very own bathroom relaxation and spa.

Architects can be asked to put considerable effort and space into designing the bathroom since it will be used several times a day.

It would be used for bathing, brushing, grooming and other daily human needs and therefore it deserves attention.

A luxury bathroom is a wonderful addtion into any house, a homeowner can enter the bathroom and feel themselves transported into another place.

Instead of spending hundreds of pounds in the spa centres they can make their own bathroom luxurious.

Homeowners can add bathtubs, hot and cold shower, high technology sinks.

Closets can be installed in the area and additional designs such as painting and a high definition TV can be mounted on the wall for the use of the tenants.

A bathroom can look sophisticated, it can make use of various themes and styles. It must look sophisticated and intimate.

The person using must be able to relax, there must be a place where they can just sit down, take a bath and relax without getting disturbed by the outside world.

Bathrooms can be beautifully desinged and carefully crafted, it can contain various shapes and sizes.
Vases and hanging plants can also be placed as part of the design. The goal is to create a one of a kind look, luxury bathrooms have to be unique and need to have a lasting effect.

The user must feel at peace and relaxed, the design must be harmonious and beautiful. It has to be able to lift up the spirits of the user. Designers have to avoid making the bathroom look gloomy and dark. They have to find a way to make the place look intimate and inviting for the user.

There must be ample space provided, the bath and the shower must be separated to create a luxurios effect and everything that is placed in the area no matter how simple must be comfortable to use and functional. Adding a walk in the shower is also one alternative that can de one in order to heighten the relaxiation level of the place. Designers have to learn to explore and to maximise the space in order to make the experience worthwhile.