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Properties Are The Safest and Secure Investment

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014


There will be always ups and downs regarding the Property Market, but there is always something for certain they are prompt to recover. This is the reason why we at Four Corners Properties are kin to advise our customer to keep their properties in good shape and to make improvements to them and extension for extra space whether is for a kitchen, an extra bedroom or utility room or a loft conversion will always add more value. This news article published by The Telegraph shows once more this point.

Over the past year, London, Cambridge and Bristol have seen the strongest uplifts in values out of the cities looked at, while Glasgow and Leicester have seen the lowest increases, according to the findings.

Fourteen out of the 20 cities looked at recorded year-on-year house price inflation which was below the average seen across the whole of the UK. Across the country generally, the typical house price has lifted by 9.0% or £15,300 over the last year to reach £184,580.

The average London house price has increased by 18.1pc, or £61,000 in cash terms, over the year to September, while a home buyer in Cambridge would need to find 17.9pc or £53,000 more than they would a year ago.

Meanwhile, the average Bristol property has added 14.1pc or £26,900 on to its value over the last year.

Glasgow recorded the smallest year-on-year percentage increase in prices of the 20 cities looked at, with property prices there lifting by 4.3pc or £4,600 in cash terms to reach £109,200. Property values in Leicester have increased by 4.8pc or £6,600 year-on-year to reach £141,400.

Hometrack said there is also evidence that the pace of house price growth in London is starting to slow down. London property values increased by 0.4pc month-on-month in September, compared with a recent peak of 1.0pc growth in April, which Hometrack said reflects “weaker demand” in the capital.

Yesterday, estate agent Foxtons reported a “sharp and recent slowing of volumes” in London property sales. Several recent reports have pointed to a slowdown in the London market as buyers show signs of increasing caution towards price hikes amid expectations that interest rates will rise at some point next year.

Richard Donnell, director of research at Hometrack, said that cities give a strong indication of the health of the housing market overall as they are the focus for employment, business growth and demand for homes.

He said that while house price growth has increased across all 20 cities looked at over the last year, “there is little evidence of a runaway surge in prices and the rate of growth appears to be moderating.

“The overall rate of UK house price growth has been significantly enhanced by London, so we are starting to see a corresponding dip in the rate of growth in the national figures as the rate of growth slows in London.”

Source: PA
City                       1 yr rise                 Average price                         Rise since 2007 peak
London                  18.1%                      £398,700                                           29.2%
Cambridge            17.9%                      £348,300                                           32.4%
Bristol                    14.1%                      £217,600                                              8.3%
Oxford                   10.5%                      £337,400                                           20.7%
Portsmouth          10.4%                      £194,800                                             4.7%
Southampton         9.9%                      £189,400                                             3.6%
Bournemouth        8.7%                      £242,800                                             2.0%
Belfast                     8.3%                      £113,500                                            50.7%
Cardiff                        8%                      £176,600                                            -0.6%
Nottingham            7.7%                      £127,400                                            -3.8%
Newcastle                   7%                      £123,700                                            -9.2%
Manchester                7%                      £136,500                                            -8.1%
Leeds                       6.8%                      £138,700                                          -10.2%
Edinburgh              6.1%                       £188,000                                              -9%
Sheffield                  5.7%                      £125,500                                            -5.9%
Liverpool                 5.3%                      £109,200                                            -15%
Birmingham           5.3%                      £132,100                                            -7.2%
Aberdeen                5.3%                       £188,500                                            11.5%
Leicester                 4.8%                       £141,400                                            -3.6%
Glasgow                  4.3%                       £109,200                                          -14.9%



Four Brands, One Company: Four Corners Properties Ltd

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014


Four Corners Properties Ltd has increased enormously its customers portfolio, up to a point that it was needed to created three additional Brands that are giving value, efficiency and better prices to its customers. Those Brands are: Kikbuild, Bournemouth Aggregates and Bournemouth Waste Removal. This strategy gives Four Corners Properties the ability to give its customers a centralised service, where they can solve all their needs using only one company: Four Corners Properties.

Its commercial activity goes from decoration, Furniture, Building Materials for a do it yourself (DIY) market to deal with Planning Permission, Architectural Services, House Extensions, Loft Conversions, Bathrooms, Flooring, Roofing, Gardening, Waste Removal and even Kitchens! Four Corners Properties and its Commercial Brands are:


KikBuild which can be found at covers two commercial areas: Furniture and Building Materials for most of the United Kingdom, or its customers can hire them to do the entire job improving your home.


Bournemouth Aggregates offering Sand and Gravel, Decorative Garden Stones, Soil, Compost and Turf, Bark, Wood hips and Mulch for the area of Dorset in the South of England, again they can sell these products or you can hire them to improve your garden to prime condition by doing the job for you.


Bournemouth Waste Removal is another step when improving your home to get rid of the rubble or just cleaning and clearing your house from all that clutter. They are punctual and give a friendly service.

Bournemouth Aggregates

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


We are very proud to announce that Four Corners Properties Ltd, has launched Bournemouth Aggregates offering expert services and reliable delivery. Our products Sand, Gravel, Decorative Garden Stone, Soil, Compost, Turf, Bark, Wood-chips and Mulch.

We are able to supply both local building companies and the general public with high quality aggregates for a range of uses. We will always strive to provide same day delivery, offering from 0.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes amounts which can be delivered within 2 hours.

Based in Bournemouth, Bournemouth Aggregates has been supplying high quality landscaping materials for a number of years through us, because we are the same people.

For more information please visit our Website: