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Home Improvements

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Four Corners Properties offer to cover all aspects of home improvements to suit the style of your home. There are many different ways in which you could improve your home and this article will hopefully give you a few new ideas. After many years of working in Dorset and Hampshire improving homes, our experience has given us many new and different ideas to suit our customers. We don’t just look to improve a home, but to transform it into what you want.

Many people want to improve the look and feel of their houses but don’t know where to start but that is where we can help. We always find the best thing to think about before doing anything is to look at what you have and how it could be improved to suit your living needs. This means is there enough space, is it energy efficient and is it structurally sound. This is the best place to start as if you were to do any work then found that one of these need doing you might end up doing a job twice. A house needs to be big enough for you and your family, if not you have a few choices, you have a loft conversion, build an extension, garage or basement conversion or move house. It is important the house you live in is spacious enough for you to live so you don’t feel cramped in your house as it should be a place to relax and enjoy.

You also want a house to be energy efficient, meaning that the walls and loft are properly insulated and you have modern windows to keep the heat in. Living in a cold country like England, poor insulation will cost you a lot in bills so any money you spend on improving this you will make back in bills and property value. Many people are surprised when they find out how much heat they could be losing through either poor insulation or old windows and never understand until they see the decreased bills after they upgrade. This is always worth checking because no one wants to pay more money for gas or electric than they need too. Another way is to look at the latest technological advances in solar panels and air heat sources. We have previously spoken about the huge benefits of adding these too houses due to the money you save and current government grants for making your house more energy efficient. We advise this as a great way to save money in the long term. Also checking that the structure of the building is still ok as some older buildings might get cracks or damp and this should always be rectified before carrying out other work.

These are just a few starting points to improve a home that you might think to consider. Others that you might not of considered are driveways, fences and gardens. These can have a big effect on how a house looks and feels to live in. Having a pleasant garden that is looked after and has nice fences can give you a bit of privacy from the world in order to relax. You can organise a garden to suit you whether it be somewhere to relax or just for the kids to play but this can still impact your impression of a house. A driveway also will affect your reflection of the house as this is the first and last thing you need every time you go out or come home. There are hundreds of designs and colour to choose from that can make your house stand out from the rest. We find many people like to have a different design to neighbours so it adds some personalisation to the property and gives a great impression to visitors. This is an area worth researching to find the right design and colour to suit you and your property.

We feel home improvements need to be personal to allow you make your house have that homely feeling. Often when people move to a new house they need some sort of change to make it more comfortable. The obvious way to improve the look of a home would be decorating. This comes in a few ways; this could be changing the flooring, wall styles, lights and furnishing. Changing the colour and styles of walls can brighten a place up and by decorating different rooms themes to each part of a house. It is always worth considering if you wanted to open up a room by removing walls or putting up walls to separate rooms depending on what you want. We also provide furnishing and materials for all work through our side company kikbuild. We complete all work as one company so it cuts out any middlemen so we can pass the savings on to you.

If you have any thoughts about home improvements or have read this article and it has inspired your thoughts of what your home could look like you are more than welcome to get in touch. We are the local builders you can trust who thrive off our reputation and no matter what your budget we can help you find a way to improving your home. We have lots of pictures of previous jobs so browse our website as it might help give you some fresh ideas.

westmoores bathroom

House Extensions

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

House extensions are proving to be a more financially rewarding solution for most people now that house prices keep increasing. They provide you with more space and you can design it how you want it. This is always a good way to have a bigger house if you don’t want the hassle of moving house or are happy in the area you are currently living in. These are just a few of the many reasons why you might want to extend your house. We at Four Corners Properties are happy to provide advice and guidance as well as giving quotes for any building work you might want done. We have many years of experience and have completed many house extensions in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown and surround areas in Dorset and Hampshire.

We would advise anyone who is thinking of building an extension to consider a few key things first. You should always seek advice about what renovations are popular in your area as if you are looking for a future return the style will have to be up to the same standard. Looking at what other houses in the area sold for and if they had extensions and the size of the houses will give you a good idea of how much it will add to your property value. We can advise you with this if you are unsure. If you are wanting an extension to create space and are not worried about how much value it will add then this won’t really effect you but you still need to be mindful of your budget and what materials to use, you want your house to stand out but still fit in to the area and not look too out of place. With smart and effective planning we know that you can add more value than the amount spent.

The design that you choose for an extension depends on what your house, the surrounding houses in the area and what design you want. Most people are still happy to change the structure of a building and do something a bit more dramatic, but purity is a big trend, and using lots of different materials is less fashionable than it has been. Instead, we advise that you opt for something more refined. This could be something like pure white-rendered extensions work well on period houses, or choose a design clad entirely in timber or modern coloured cladding. Others choose that they something simpler, light and airy spaces which are a blank canvas they can decorate and personalise. The use of natural materials to create modern extensions can give the extension a warm and functional look to suit your home.

The planning of what will go where is also another important issue to address. With extensions you want the rooms to flow to make the house more organised. This may mean moving current rooms around if you wanted to create a big living room or dining room at the back of the house of maybe adding a spare room and an office. These are ideas we have come across and are something we advise you think about as sometimes is it more effective to build to what will create the biggest benefit even if it means redecorating an existing room.

With the recent call for companies and the general public to be more eco friendly, it is not surprising that a lot of building and extensions are using more environmentally sound materials. Materials such as bamboo, which is affordable, durable and eco friendly, are very popular, and people are also requesting low-VOC paints. Houses are also using the use of heat source pumps and solar panels which are proven to reduce bills and save you money in the long run. Something we cover in another article on our blog. These are all services we offer as we help to move forward with the world and provide a sustainable future through technological advances.

The design of an extension is very important to make the best use of space and to ensure you get exactly what you want. That is why we use our expert architects to make sure you get the best design possible. By us working with our own architects we aim to save you money as independent architects can be very pricey indeed. It is important you use experienced architects as badly designed extensions can actually lose value to the property. This also helps you to have detailed plans of what you are getting build to there will be no surprises down the road. Our architects can also allow you to have input to decide what you want and where leading them to guide you to a design that is structurally safe and gives you what you want and more. We can provide many detailed drawings of previous customer designs on request.
The next stage to consider is the budget. Depending on what you are willing to spend will decide on what you get. For example some materials cost more than others while some designs and builds will be more than others. By looking at what you have to spend a compromise can be found to give you the best design and build for the price you are willing to spend. Of course if money was no object everyone would ask for the best but we know this is not the case with most people. At Four Corners Properties we will give you a detailed breakdown of every part of the job and the materials so you can always chop and change bits to save you money or if you wanted to spend more in certain parts a job. This helps give you an idea of where your money is going and how you are spending it. We feel our detailed plans separate us from the competition as you can work with us to adjust prices to your liking.
The latest ground-level extensions are seamlessly integrated inside, but also blur the boundaries between inside and out. The flow of the structure finishes and materials such as the flooring can work with the outside space to make them feel like the same entity. Full-height doors can help to connect the interior to the garden, and even in the winter when the doors are closed it can still give the impression that it is one large space. Extensions to the back or side of a house are just one way to increase the space in a house, but other thoughts to be considered are loft and basement extensions. Depending on what you are trying to achieve with an extension you might find these are better suited to your house. Either way you need to plan and think about what would be best for your home. But remember, we are here if you need any advice, plans or quotes.

houseextensionbmouth luxaryextension

Landscaping for Summer

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

With the sun starting to shine through and the temperatures rising you can tell summer is well on its way, at Four Corners Properties we feel it is time to start thinking about your garden ideas.

A garden can be a nice way to retreat from the stresses of life especially in the summer when it doesn’t get dark till late and the temperature is a lot warmer. This means having a nice garden can be important. If you have kids it can be a place to let them play and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. We feel it is just as important as having a nice kitchen or bedroom and what better time to do it than just before we reach the summer. Our advice for planning a garden refurbishment depends on a few things. You need to consider what you do or want to use yours for, a few ideas could be:

  • a place to sit in the sun
  • somewhere to eat of an evening
  • to grow vegetables and flowers
  • Or even for children to play and have fun.

We offer lots of services for landscaping and can help you transform your garden so that it looks nicer and you can get more use from it. If you have a shed, washing line or vegetable patch at the end of a garden it always looks nice and is more practical to have a path to get to them, especially on wet days. There are many different designs and styles to choose from but it is best to go with a set style for the garden. This could be anything from a straight path covered of decorative shingle or a curvy path of colour bricks, either way we can help to design and decorate your garden.

One tip we always advise, if you are redesigning the whole garden or just part of the garden your choice of materials can make a big difference. Sticking with one theme is important to make the garden suit by trying to match materials where possible. This could be using gravel, paving stones or even wood that are a similar colour or texture to whatever you used to build your house, or already have in the garden will help it link better creating a nicer flow to the garden. This is applies to patios or terraces as you want everything to match the same as when decorating a room, but the most important thing is that the colour scheme all matches to keep a professional look.

Patios and terraces are nice features to add to a garden as it can be a great place for meals and BBQs. We have known of some customers who even have two in order to catch the sun in the morning and evenings. These can also be a good place to sit in the sun and relax while the kids play. When thinking of a design you might want to think of where your children could play and any toys or equipment they might have for example a sandbox, paddling pool or a swing. These are just but a few of the many ideas we can help with in order to transfer your garden in to a place of tranquillity.

Depending on your budget building decorating walls within your garden can be a nice way to add some creativity and give you a different look. This can be costly depending on materials and is something you need to think of as a permanent build. Other things to consider that we have designed and built for previous customers are things like ponds, hot tubs and saunas. These will cost a bit more but will add a slice of luxury to your property. These are not essential but will certainly make you spend more time in the garden.

This should have got you looking forward to the summer as we know gardens are a key part of British summers. So whether you just want to create something more relaxing or somewhere to have garden parties, we suggest thinking of how to improve your garden to make the most of summer. Get in touch if you want ideas or work as our experienced team of professionals can transform your garden for you.

landscape1 landscape2                          landscape3

The need for structural design

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Every building has a different design and requires unique attention to detail to make it as desirable as possible. We know this through our years of experience in all areas of the building trade. When looking at structural work it is important to look at a few key areas for example, is the building currently structurally sound and how you could optimise the available space. These are very important as you might not want to have a reduced room size due to a wall, in which case using a supporting beam might make more sense for you if applicable.

This is where a good structural engineer could get the most out of your property and any future work you are planning. This is important for all types of work whether it is a domestic extension, loft conversion or a large commercial development. Our experience of working in many different homes tells us that the original design might not be the best and when planning extensions that we can help give your home a bigger and better feel to it. Our expert eye for attention to detail can transform your home into a new place by opening up rooms with extensions and wall removals.

When looking at any home we always look for what the customer wants, but also what would be the most suitable and cost effective design for what you want. This means thinking outside the box of the usual designs to find a design that suits you and your home while maintaining a strong structure to the requirements of the building. By examining a property and using the latest computer technology, we can provide structural design solutions for all projects whether it is a domestic extension, loft conversion or large residential developments and commercial buildings. We have helped many people in and around Dorset and Hampshire to transform their homes in a way that they would never look back.

What is the need for a structural engineer?

Structural engineers are experts who study a building for strengths and weaknesses to find ways it can either be improved or changed. We have our own structural engineers who work with us and the customer to invent and design plans for houses that we work on. These plans are to ensure a building will safely stand up and be able to function without deflections which may cause structural fatigue, cracks or failure of fixtures and fittings. The design must account for movement and forces caused by temperature fluctuations, loads and cracking. This makes it important to choose the right materials for the job to ensure the loads being placed are within the materials tolerances. Apart from these factors, the designs must also take into consideration the mechanical and engineering services such as lighting, heating, ventilation and electrical fittings to fit proficiently within the building.

These plans can vary greatly between engineers so it is important you use a recommended engineer as you want them to be able to apply a design you want to personalise your home. Another key factor is the initial conceptual structural design work while looking at the feasibility. A fully detailed structural design in compliance with British standards and building regulations is essential with any design. This would also be accompanied by calculations and reports as well as structural calculations for Building Regulation approval and detailed drawings by the structural engineer of all work to be carried out.

All our structural designs are make to comply with the current building regulations and British standards. These designs are always based around suiting you and your house and we consider it our obligation to give you the best design possible. We look at all solutions whether it is an RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist), concrete structural design or full steelwork design we look at all the options to match your design and price. We also provide structural engineering solutions for foundation design, including working with buildings with complex design requirements or difficult ground conditions, as well as retaining walls and other load bearing structures. If you can any queries then get in touch. Below are a few pictures of structural designs we have carried out.

struct3     struct1





How to save money on architect designs

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

It is common knowledge that it is not cheap to pay for an architect to draw up plans for any building work you might be looking to get. This is due to the advanced knowledge and training they must go through in order to safely design and draw plans for building work. When you speak to them about any ideas you have they will insist you get them to do it and most of the time we find people will, just so they know the plans are safe. But we at Four Corners Properties do not believe in just letting anyone design our work.

We have our own architects who can draw up plans with you to create something special rather than your usual designs. We feel you should always have the best and most creative design for your money to make the building work you have stand out from the rest. Because we have our own architect to design and draw up the plans it will usually end up cheaper than going straight to an architect yourself. This is part of the five star services we offer for all jobs. We cover every aspect of a build making it cheaper and easier for you.

The best way to save money with any job is to find a company like ourselves who offer the full service of all aspects of the job. If you were to hire a builder who then gets other companies to do parts of the job they do not cover then you can expect costs to rise. This is due to more people being involved and the builder you hired passing costs over to you from the other companies. This is where we can excel compared to most companies as we will design, build and supply all the materials all by ourselves.

It doesn’t matter what kind of build you are thinking of having, we will do it. And if you want to see the wide range of designs we have done then look through our gallery of previous jobs and you will be surprised by the quality of our work. We are known for our creative ideas to make your property stand out and have that unique look. No more will you get ripped off by builders and architects; you will just save money by using Four Corners Properties. So if you have ideas on how to improve your home please contact us now.

Below are 3 designs that we have completed to give you an idea of our work

plans1 plans2 plans3



Four Corners Properties: KikBuild – A Full Package

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Four Corners Properties has been improving its services during the years giving paramount attention to detail, quality and what really matters: Good Value for Money. Following this path of action it has created KikBuild. A way to give its customers a much bigger and better package of goods and service.

The Brand KikBuild offers From Building Materials to even Furniture at the best prices possible. It helps to save valuable time and money plus the advantage that if you are planing to improve your home using Four Corners Properties services you may have discount as a package, because Four Corners Properties has it all for their customers.

Please have a look to this Video Tiles Sample:

And the video below shows you KikBuild Furniture:

And if you want to build an extension for your home have a look to this Video Sample of a Kitchen Extension:

That is why Four Corners Properties is your best option when it comes down to anything regarding the Construction Sector, from Building Materials to Furniture, Tiles, Doors to improve your home and giving you more value for your Home.

Why many people are now building summer houses

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Summer houses are a great way to extend the space available in your property and they can be used for many different things. Many people who work from home use them as offices, others as a playhouse for their kids; some are even so extravagant they turn them into a luxury space with a sauna and a hot tub.

Planning Permission

One of the main reasons people are choosing to build their own summer houses are because as long as you meet a few rules, you don’t need planning permission. These are classed as outbuildings. Outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions:

  • No outbuilding on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.
  • Outbuildings and garages to be single storey with maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and maximum overall height of four metres with a dual pitched roof or three metres for any other roof.
  • Maximum height of 2.5 metres in the case of a building, enclosure or container within two metres of a boundary.
  • No verandas, balconies or raised platforms.
  • No more than half the area of land around the “original house”* would be covered by additions or other buildings.
  • In National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites the maximum area to be covered by buildings, enclosures, containers and pools more than 20 metres from house to be limited to 10 square metres.
  • On designated land buildings, enclosures, containers and pools at the side of properties will require planning permission.
  • Within the grounds of any listed buildings any outbuilding will require planning permission.

The advantages

One main advantage of a summer house is it is somewhere to unwind and rest outside of your house. It is a personal space where you can just enjoy the moment. It can also be decorated to match your house or to give it a different feel. This might allow you to have an artistic side where you can design your summerhouse to match your occasion. Of course everyone is different so will have different uses and reasons for building a summer house. With the increasing price in properties and the increase in traffic on  the roads using a summer house as an office could not make more sense. You get to work from home, have a cheap affordable office and will never be caught up another traffic jam. These are all reasons why the modern homeowner is starting to see a summerhouse as a necessity.

Other families see it as a way of spending time together outside. If you have things like a sauna, hot tub or swimming pool then it can be a great way to spend time together. In the summer months when the sun finally comes out it can be nice to relax in the comfort of your own garden as a family. It can be a perfect place for the family to bond with each other. You can play games together, have a picnic or a barbecue party, or simply play relaxing music while the children play along. We have customers who have used this opportunity to invest in order to save the money and stress that can be involved with family vacations. This helps you save money in the long run as travel and accommodation can be expensive when you could just as easily make the most of your house.

Things to consider before getting one

We know it’s not all positive and there are of course a few things to consider first before deciding to build a summer house. One of these is of course to think about the space. You will be losing a sizeable part of the garden and you need to make sure this is ok as once you start you won’t be looking back. Another thing to consider is where you are building it. You don’t want it to take all the light away from the house or any garden you might want to use to relax in the evenings. We know you do not want to sit in the garden of an evening and be shaded from the sun because of your summerhouse. The last important thing we think you should also consider is that is it built to last using durable materials and is not a cheap one as these are only going to cost you more money when they fall apart. But if none of this affects you then you need to ask yourself why not?

Building to last

There is a lot of choice when it comes to summerhouses. If you look at places like B&Q you will find smaller low end summerhouses that will be good for a few years but will soon deteriorate. They also do not offer much space. The way we look at them is if you are going to do it, do it the right way first time and build your own. This might cost a bit more but it will be built to last. This also means you can have your own design, decorating and style. It will be a much more comfortable environment and will be much more like an actual house. With the use of long lasting materials and a strong structure you know it will be stable and if looked after will be there for many years to come. This is where we feel the cheap ones you see in the shops fail as they use cheap materials and are built to last for a short time. This in the long run will cost you more and look a lot worse.

Our current project

At Four Corners Properties we have built many luxury summer houses and can build any design you want to a budget. As seen below we have a few pictures of a project we are currently working on that will be our new office, shed, sauna and hot tub all in one. This is a fine example of a proper summer house. Keep looking on our website for the final pictures in a few weeks when all the work is finally completed. You need to remember it is not quite finished and this would be near as big as a summer house as you could build without planning permission.

If you have any questions or inquiries about getting an outbuilding in your garden please get in touch.

shed1                shed2

Reasons to Refurbish

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

How this could affect your home

Whether you have just bought a property or looking to sell, you might find it worthwhile to look at refurbishments. When buying a property, a key thing everyone looks for is that they will be able to feel comfortable and get that homely feel to it. You don’t want to be living in a house where you are unhappy and don’t want to be otherwise, why buy it in the first place?

There are two main types of buyers; ones who buy to what they want and ones who buy to make it what they want. Either way, most people will normally change something in their home over time to really add that feeling of home. We would recommend this as we understand what it’s like to have a place that really feels like yours. The benefits of this are more than making it yours, but it will also add property value when you come to sell while also making it more attractive to new buyers.

If you are selling a home you might think why you should refurbish a home, but most properties that are refurbished and fully furnished sell much quicker. People looking to buy properties usually want a property they can move straight into and has all the essentials. They don’t want to have to do too much work straight away, this is normally done once they have money together later down the line. When selling a house you don’t want it on the market for ages as the agents will often lower the price to try and persuade someone to buy it. You want it to stand out and appeal to the buyers so as soon as they see it they want it. The fact that refurbished homes sell for more is an even greater incentive as you might make more than you thought. When selling a home you need to remember that it is a competition between houses and that buyers want the best house for their money so you want yours to be that house. This is becoming even more so now that there are fewer buyers on the market.

House refurbishments have become as business for many people as they have realised if you buy a cheap house that needs lots of work, you will get it for a good price and by the time you have paid someone to get it looking fashionable again and sell it, you have made huge financial gains. This has become big business, but while we like to help people generate income through these businesses, we also like to help the average person who just wants to improve their current living conditions or update the property. We know not everyone is looking to make lots of money from the property which is where we will give you the property you want, while increasing the resale value of the property if it comes to it.

Whether you are looking to fully refurbish a house or just do a single room Four Corners Properties are happy to help. With helpful, friendly advice and offering competitive prices for any household work that needs doing you will find we can help you. If you have any rooms that you think need to be refurbished don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our research tells us that many properties have outdated interiors and could do with work to spruce it up. A big question that people often ask us is how much would you have to spend to see a healthy financial return? The answer is that this does depend on a few things. The main things to consider before doing any work are how much is the property worth and what condition is it in? Speaking in generality the more expensive your house is the more you are to gain. For example if you had a £200,000 house and spent 20 per cent of the value you might make 5 or 10 per cent on top, but if you had a property value of £1 million and spent 20 per cent you would expect 10 to 20 per cent on top. These are examples and many things such as the area and the type of work carried out will influence the price. These are all individual to the house so it is always worth seeking advice before any work to make sure you are not just wasting money.

Balancing a property is also something to remember when refurbishing a property. For instance, converting one bedroom of three to an en-suit may cause imbalance, but in a four bedroom house it might enhance it. Bathrooms are seen to be one of the biggest let downs in most properties. This is due to them been overlooked when people want to improve a home and it is estimated that 41 per cent of bathrooms are over 25 years old. This is why even a simple shower upgrade or re-plumbing can make a big difference to a property.

It is always worth remembering that if you are hiring any professional to carry out work that they have got all the relevant qualifications and health and insurance to cover any accidents that may occur. You also need to get an exact price for the job you want doing so there are no added fees later on as this is something no one wants when doing any work on a home. Below we have a table that gives a rough idea of the returns you could expect from any refurbishment work. It is worth remembering these are all averages and might not reflect your home so check with an expert before if you are looking to make financial gains. We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have.



% increase

Rest of UK

% increase

Loft conversion



Side return


Same in cities such as Oxford/Cambridge




New kitchen



New bathroom


up to 5




Complete redecoration



Garden room




Building for the customer

Friday, May 1st, 2015

At Four Corners Properties we understand the meaning of the customer is always right. Many builders build a bad reputation by only partially completing a job or even wrongly completing jobs for many reasons. Sometimes this is due to been unqualified for the job and others it is just laziness to do the job properly and taking shortcuts. One thing all our valued customers have learned from using us is we do exactly what is asked and set out before any building work commences.

We make sure our detailed plans and price estimates are all suited to the customer so you will understand where every penny of your money is being spent from building materials to labour costs. We feel it is important for all our customers to know what they are spending their hard earned money on whereas many other companies will just charge you a lump sum for a job, often without even calculating costs which results in extra costs later down the line. We know this due to cowboy builders who have set out a cost, done half a job then asked for more money and just left the customer with a mess that we have had to go in and sort. This is one thing a decent hard working company like us has a hatred for as it gives the industry a bad name.

One thing you can always guarantee with Four Corners Properties is that the job you pay for is the job you get! We pride ourselves in each aspect of the work we carry out ensuring everything is done to the highest standard. We like to work with our customers to find out exactly what sort of build they are looking for by also adding some new ideas and using our many years of experience to optimise the build. This results in an end product that is very well built but just as importantly looks as good and sometimes, even better than the customer could have ever imagined. This is proven by all the positive feedback we always receive from every job we do and which is why all our customers come back and recommend their friends and family.

Customer service is very important to us due to knowing that word of mouth is very strong. We like people to regard our company as one they can trust and rely on which is why all our customers come back. We are very proud of this and our reviews are something we pride ourselves on. This is not done just by doing a good job when it comes to the actual building, but also having a kind, friendly and polite work force. All our workers like you to be relaxed about what they are doing in your homes and also appreciate that everyone has rules that they need to abide by when working in someone’s home.  They are all happy to answers any questions you have and help in any way. This is all part of the five star service we like to offer to our customers.

This is something we feel separates us from the competition as not many companies will go out their own way to please the customer. We respect all the business we get and that is why we do it to the highest standard possible while trying to keep the price as low as we can. As a customer you deserve to be valued and we like to make you realised that you are. We are not just your average Joes, we are Four Corners Properties and we are here for you!

Please check our reviews and hear all the kind words people have to say about our company, but also look at the expert work that we have carried out and we are sure it will convince you to use our company in the future. For any quotes or advice about building work please get in touch.

5 star

Sourcing the right materials

Friday, May 1st, 2015

If you’re thinking of doing any building work, whether it is yourself or through a contractor, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. This does not mean to turn your head and necessarily hire some to do it all for you but instead to advise and guide you to a successful building experience. There are many things you need to consider for example; you need to plan ahead of what you will be doing, what materials you need and how long each stage will take so you know when you need the materials. This article will take you step by step to give you a detailed understanding for your own projects.

The materials

When looking for materials you need to know exactly what materials you need as even something slightly different will make a big difference to the project. Sometime it is also worth knowing that just because it is cheaper that does not mean that it is the same, this also applies to things that are more expensive. It is important you check exactly what it is you are buying and that it is the material you need for the best price available as no one wants to spend more than they have too. Sometimes big suppliers can be difficult and might overcharge for small jobs so it is always worth checking online for smaller business such as KIKBUILD depending on what it is you are buying. If you plan ahead and get all the materials you need in advance it will make the job a lot easier and by buying in bulk you might also save yourself some money. You also need to take into consideration that material requirements quite often change during a building project so you may need to adapt your materials to fit.

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General construction materials and groundwork’s

One thing to consider when sourcing construction materials should be local merchants, especially if the construction method will involve traditional masonry. Both national chains and independent local outlets can offer advice about materials for a project and useful tips for the job. Concrete is used in almost all building projects so it is important you have more than enough and that you have safe conditions to mix (hand mixing area or cement mixer) away from the rest of materials. It is also necessary to make sure you have the right type of concrete suitable for the job that you are using it for.

Primary structure

The primary structure of any building is usually made of timber, walls and roofing. This means sourcing the best materials for your job. When looking at timber it is important that any externals materials are treated to make them last longer. If you are willing to spend the extra money treated timber is recommended. It is also important that you take the consideration of what it is being used for. For example if it is for support of a roof then you need to have a fairly thick piece of timber so to ensure it has more than enough strength. If in any doubt seek advice from a structural engineer, architect, building control, local builder or supplier, but it would be better to go too thick than too thin as the last thing anyone would want is for the structure to not be safe otherwise you will be back to square one.

For bigger items such as bricks, concrete and tiles it would be best to work out exactly how much you need before you order. This way you might get a better price on the materials and then when it comes to the job you have everything you need to get it done. You may also need to contact some suppliers directly. If you have chosen one of the modern or alternative construction methods that emphasise ‘off-site’ construction, most of the structural materials will be coming from a specialist manufacturer.

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Where to look

Once you know exactly what you want we advise looking around to find the right materials and see where you can get the best price. At this point it is important to remember that you want to use the highest quality materials if you want it to last as some of the cheaper options will deteriorate after just a couple of years and you will notice the difference. This is why it is important to check the quality of the materials and even compare to other sources that sell the same materials to make sure you are getting the best materials for your money. You can still get high quality materials for low competitive prices if you know where to look. Big businesses like ourselves will have our own places to seek materials due to the amount we buy but because we are a friendly local business we like to help our customers to get the best for less. We would advise checking with the main big suppliers of materials and see what the best prices they can offer you but if not we can recommend a company we know who use high quality materials for a competitive price for all.

Whether you are a trader or just your average person who fancies a little project KIKBUILD will be able to help. They offer friendly advice, quick delivery and use the highest quality materials. Even if you are looking to save money you might find buying through them will be cheaper than buying cheap poor quality materials. It is always worth checking but this is a website we can recommend that look after their customers and offer very competitive prices. We hope this article has helped you understand what is needed when trying to source materials and what is required when taking on any building work. If you have any questions about anything in this article then get in touch and we would be happy to help.