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Save money on building materials & furniture

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Everything in life always comes down to one simple thing, cost! We would all like to have lots of nice things and live extravagant lifestyles but unfortunately we cannot afford it. This is where we can help; it is not all about having lots of money to spend, but rather getting yourself the bargains and saving your money. For instance, you could go into a high street furniture shop and they might charge you £600 for a living room cabinet. This might be a nice cabinet but with a little bit of searching online you might be able to find the same wardrobe with all matching living room furniture for the same price or less.

Sometimes you are not paying for the quality or the look, you are paying for the high street brands and putting lots of your hard earned money into the big corporations. This is where small businesses thrive. They will try to out price the bigger companies and offer much better deals to get there customers as they are competing for price rather than their company name. This is the reason why the Internet has seen a rise in small businesses, but to get your savings it might involve a bit of searching to find the right place.

At the moment Kikbuild has just acquired some fantastic looking modern designed furniture, with a range of different designs and styles to look your home. These also come with options for different coloured LED lights to really show off. These sets start from under £300 for everything to make your bathroom or living room complete so check it out.

They also have a huge range of other types of furniture such an oak and pine, as well as even providing many different tiles with massive reductions from the high street RRP. Go to their website or contact them at if you need any help.

Concept 15bshiro oak desk

However, they don’t just supply furniture and tiles, they also provide a wide range of building materials from timber and plasterboard to blocks and cement. Traditionally people would go to the big builders merchants who will charge what they want as they know people will pay it. But now with the use of the Internet customers have a much wider range of choices as well as looking online in the comfort of their own homes to find materials they need for the best prices.

It is always important to remember that you are finding the right materials for the job, as online buying can be risky if you click and buy without checking it is the correct item. For example, if you are buying timber to build a rabbit hutch in the garden then it is essential the timber has been treated to help protect it against the weather. Untreated timber will rot quickly if used outside so these minor details could make a big difference to what you need it for.

When using timber is it also important that you go for a thickness that meets the demands of a job. The size of timber represents the strength so 8×2 would be stronger than 4×2. A key factor when looking for any product is how much is costs and how quickly it will be delivered. Kikbuild are known for there competitive prices in supplying all sizes and lengths for any job. They also have great customer services who would be happy to guide you towards the right product you and help with any questions or queries you may have. They will do all this while also trying to get you the cheapest price possible. Click on either of the pictures below to look at the timber products they sell and receive 5% discount off list prices.

Don’t forget even if you have a builder doing the work for you, check what they are charging you for materials, if they are charging more than what it would cost to buy online then why tell them. If a builder is selling you the same materials you have seen online for more than you can buy them yourself then save yourself some money and buy it yourself. Many builders will charge very high prices for materials to make a quick buck, don’t be fooled and always check the prices to make sure you are getting the best deals.

With these simple tips you have help make your money go further and get the highest quality furniture and materials for less! Check out their website or get in touch to find out more.

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