Bournemouth House Builder

This is another one of Four Corners Properties own projects. We have designed it from scratch with our own ideas. We are well underway with this project and it will be ready within the coming year.

We help the rest of our client base with their projects, the new build will comprise of a 2/3 bedrooms semi-detached home with Edwardian luxury style, as future builds steer away from the old style, we are going to give something back to the creation given to us in the past.

We will also be updating the property that is standing there already with an update of a two bedrooms flat to a four bedrooms and another two bedrooms flat into a three bedrooms one. We will change the whole interior of the property and room layouts. The house will be knocked from top to bottom and given a twist like it has just come out of a USA tornado. Once it's comes out from the other side it will have some nice unique wow factors. From the creators of Four Corners Properties.

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Lots more photos to come real soon


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