Ferndown Kitchen Installer

This was another opportunity for Four Corners Properties to express themselves and show what they can achieve when given a black canvas. The kitchen was very outdated and had not been given much care and attention over the years. This kitchen in Ferndown was completely ripped out in order to start fresh by updating it and giving a new lease of life.

The next step was to knock down a non supportive wall to give extra kitchen space and give an open space combining the dining room and lounge all into one room. This kind of open plan design has become very fashionable in recent years as it gives you much more space in your home while also not disconecting you from people in other rooms. All the work had to be checked by structual engineers but once the approval was giving it is a fairly simple job.

After the whole kitchen had been ripped out and the non supportive wall knocked down, it gave our expert team a chance to access the space and find ways to best utilise our custom designed plans. Firstly we fitted some lovely Karndean flooring to match with the rest of the house, once this had been fitted we could then move onto the units.

The basic frame and units will all be put together by our master craftsmen who can then build any additional units needed to give as much space as possible by working with the angles of the room and the space they have got available. Their many years of experience is what has given them an eye for this kind of detail so you know your custom designed kitchen will be top of the range.

The last step was to get it all cleaned up, which is not too big of a job for us as we always clean as we go to save time at the end and so the house isn't a complete mess while we work for obvious reasons. Once it was all cleaned, the final touches were to add mulit colour changing LED's above and underneath all the units to give a classy and elegant backlighting. The pictures of this kitchen fiting in Ferndown show how good of a job we can do when we have an opportunity.

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