House Extension Bournemouth

We where approached by this adventurous couple some time ago about a project that they had in mind. They had noticed our site and liked a few ideas that Four Corners Properties have advertised. they then called us for a meeting to scratch our minds for some ideas. They love the area where they live and weighed up the pros and cons of moving and the expenses of finding somewhere else to live.

Stamp duties, agent fees and lawyer costs. Why not to build your own property? Profits and money lay withing your own land. The thing is, they have always liked where they live even though they love the world of travelling and the styles developers have produced around the world. it cost a lot of money to live in that dream home. Why not stay and bring it all back home. They then decided to stay and put some of their travelling ideas into their own home. All that together with some of our creative works then we came up with some designs that would give them that real luxury feel without moving.

We are well underway with a single story extension with full vaulted ceilings. Also the rear end of the property will be taken out to create a huge style open plan contemporary style property. We have dealt with all plans planning and the build.

Our team of guys will deliver this quality project with the latest technologies.

We will add photos of the project as we go along.


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